A European Rail Company sought to automate their fleet of revenue protection officers’ work to speed up the customer experience while introducing optimal efficiency into the back-office processes in a secure environment. It went to tender to source a digitalisation partner, in order to gain better visibility on information captured by revenue protection officers. The aim was to improve, structure and organize fines for 100% validity before issuance. This rail company chose to entrust this project to digital, software experts Theta.

The customer is the transport operator of the national railway network of a Northern Europe country. It operates all internal InterCity, Commuter, DART and freight railway services in the Republic of Ireland, and the Enterprise service between Dublin and Belfast. In 2019, the customer carried 50 million passengers. Hence the importance of the digitalizing revenue protection systems.

revenue protection systems



Results with Theta

revenue protection systems


Theta’s digital and application software expertise enabled the digitalizing revenue protection systems. This creation of a user friendly environment is used by the company’s agents on a daily basis.


Theta customized all back-end requirements while ensuring the front end’s usability. Partnering with Famoco for hardware, our two combined expertise led to complete end to end solutions responding to the organization’s specific needs:



& Delivery


Theta guarantees a follow-up of this digitization revenue protection systems. We remain in a partnership with this European Rail Company by providing first level support following the digitalization and gathering data on the efficiency gains through the new solution.

“Choosing Theta to digitalise our cumbersome revenue protection processes was the right choice! They have brought structure, clarity and efficiency to an otherwise impossible task. We have issued over 140 000 Error free FPNs each issued in under 2 mins average. The results are clearly there with significant error reduction and increased revenue protection., CCO of the European Rail Company

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